Smart scorecard with handicap and stats for iPhone, Android and Apple Watch.


The classic scorecard with a modern twist.
The Your par feature personalizes your “par for the course,” adjusted to your level of play.

A simple and intuitive in-game score tracker that stores all your stats and previous rounds in your phone.

Lower your handicap.

The smart scorecard serves as a rich source of data and insight into your game. GolfKard analyzes your play in real-time providing powerful feedback to help you improve.

Share your progress on social media!

Carry GolfKard on your wrist with the Apple Watch.

“If the app of your dreams doesn’t already exist, you create it.”

The idea for GolfKard was conceived on a green in 2014. Driving this adventure are two individuals passionate about golf and new technology. For years we had searched without success for a simple and intuitive alternative to the paper scorecard. Existing apps were overloaded and unnecessarily complicated. It was our opinion that cumbersome technology was a bad fit for a sport that demands our full attention. So we knew right away we would have to take matters into our own hands, and reimagine from scratch the way players interact with their stats and scores.

Gauthier Marchand

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GolfKard useful to all golfers?
  Yes, we designed it to be! Regardless of your handicap, GolfKard is the perfect replacement to the paper scorecard. Try it once and you’ll never go back.  

  Can I use GolfKard even when I’m offline?
Of course. We’ve developed an offline mode that allows players to use the app when abroad, for example, or on isolated courses where internet connection is bad. However, you’ll still need to download the desired course beforehand.  

 If I change phones, will I lose my Kards and scores?
Definitely not! All data is stored on our servers. On your new phone, simply download GolfKard and log in as usual. All of your previously saved cards and stats will be right there where you left them.  

 What do I do if I don’t know my handicap?
No problem. Select “unknown” as your handicap when setting up your account. Your handicap will be automatically calculated from the very first round you log.  

 Can I modify the scoring rules of the game on GolfKard?
Not currently. To keep things simple, we’ve chosen to only apply stroke play and Stableford scoring systems (though this may change in the future).  

Can several people play at once on the same Kard? 
Soon! This is one of our top priorities for upcoming features.  

 What if I can’t find my favorite course?
Send us an email requesting that a course be added and we’ll work quickly to include it. We receive many requests each day, so our database is constantly expanding.  

Now it’s our turn to ask you a question. Has GolfKard made a positive difference in the way you experience the game? Please rate us on the App Store!


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The next generation scorecard will soon be here.


The next generation scorecard will soon be here.